Attending: Lisa Stamp, Doug White, Tracey Kain, Will Taylor, Rebecca Grainger, Vicki Quimcey, Mike Corkill, Jo Mitchell

Apologies: None

Conflicts of Interest: No new conflicts were declared.

  1. Notification of Urgent Business:
    1. Bequest Letter. The NZRA has received a letter regarding the Estate of the late Catherine Scrimgeour. Mike Corkill will draft a letter to the lawyer.
    2. Arthritis NZ. Doug reported that he feels he is not performing well in his role on the Arthritish NZ Board due to multiple other commitments. Rebecca will be meeting Philip Kearney tomorrow and will seek clarification on the role to include in an EOI that can be circulated round the membership.
    3. Letter from the Korean College of Rheumatology offering to sponsor 1-2 registrations, travel and accommodation for the KCR Annual Conference from 14-16 May 2020. Doug will send this offer round the membership.
  1. Minutes of Meeting held on 8 October 2019

Proposed by Vicki Quincey and seconded by Michael Corkill.


NZRA Governance working group report – Lisa

  1. Constitution – this is with the Charities Commission awaiting approval.
  2. Wording in Code of ethics – this was circulated prior to the teleconference. Sponsorship should be agreed with the executive. Version (22 November 2019) was approved by the executive.
  3. Conflict of interest policy and commitment statement – Doug will collate the conflicts into one form and circulate with the minutes. These forms were approved by the executive.
  4. Strategic Plan. This was reviewed and it was decided to re-order and re-word the Strategic Actions, reflecting ‘utilization of the NZRRN’. This plan was accepted by the executive with the above change. A meeting will be planned to discuss how the plan should be implemented.
  5. Annual Plan. This will be reviewed at the next meeting. Mike suggested that the executive have a meeting after the AGM to complete necessary paperwork.
  6. Grant acceptance agreement documents – A legal option suggested that the ethnicity and citizen status be included on the application forms to demonstrate that . funds are being spent in New Zealand. These documents were accepted by the executive.
  7. Induction materials. These were circulated prior to the meeting and were approved as the induction for new executive members.
  8. Deferred until next teleconference.
  9. SIPO and Investment Policy Statement. The executive agreed to accept these documents unanimously.


NZRA Finance Committee report – Mike Corkill

    1. Approval of CP client agreement and investment statement policy

Proposal: that we authorise for and the president to sign on behalf of NZRA after perusal from NZRA lawyer.

This was agreed by the executive unanimously

  1. Proposal: that the treasurer, secretary and president as designated signatories of all NZRA accounts and in addition that the chair and or treasurer of each conference organising committee plus the conference organiser (currently Eddy Van Til) be authorised signatories for the account specific to the meeting that they are organising. This was agreed by the executive unanimously
  2. Approval to transfer all conference accunts to NZRA account

Proposal: that the balances held in the conference accounts be transferred into separate ASB account held by NZRA. This was agreed by the executive unanimously

  1. Price of scarves and ties

Proposal: Ties and scarves are available for purchase marginally above cost. That the inventory of scarves and ties be written down to the value of current stocks. That further ties are ordered . This was agreed by the executive unanimously

  1. Conference Presentation Award Amounts

Tom Highton $3000

Bob Grigor $1500

Poster $500

Student $500

These were approved by the executive

  1. Benefits for life members

Propose that Life members

  • Be exempt from annual subscriptions
  • Have full voting rights
  • Be liable for a reduced registration fee at the ASM at a level recommended by the organising committee and approved by the NZRA executive.

This was agreed by the executive unanimously

  1. Insurance Currently, the NZRA has insurance that costs $8,000 per annum i.e. more than the entire subscription revenue in prior years. This seems excessive but have not spent time on working out what is reasonable cover and how best to obtain that at the right price.

Proposal: that the current policy be rolled over and that by mid 2020, someone be tasked with obtaining a proposal for insurance that suits the risks and budget of the NZRA. Michael Corkill will discuss with his broker. The executive accepted this proposal.

  1. Subscription Fees

Proposal: that Manish Patel be asked to send subscription invoices

  • to all current full ($200+GST) and associate members ($100+GST) sfor the current financial year
  • all members of any class of membership who are currently in arrears for whatever amount remain outstanding
  • and to report back to the executive as to names of members who are in arrears of payment for more than one year

This was agreed by the executive unanimously

  1. Confernce Contract

Proposal: That Sarah Jordan and Katey Jenks replace Jo Mitchell as Dunedin 2020 Conference committee co-chairs

This was agreed by the executive unanimously

Proposal: That Sarah Jordan or Katey Jenks as Conference committee co–chairs chair and Mike Corkill as treasurer be authorised to sign on behalf of NZRA.

This was agreed by the executive unanimously

  1. Future conference organisers are selected after a wider consideration of providers and a better understanding of agreement contents. A clause will be added to mandate collection of feedback.
  2. Chart of Accounts

Proposal: that the proposed chart of accounts be used by NZRA subject to minor                         modifications at the discretion and recommendation of the NZRA accountant

 This was agreed by the executive unanimously

The executive thanked Michael Corkill for his work to date.


  1. NZRA Grants Committee – Will Taylor

Nothing to report.

NZRA Conference committee reports

    1. 2019 Meeting in Rotorua – Vicki Quincey
      1. Vicki reported that there was nothing to update. Profit is ~$32,000.
    2. 2020 Meeting in Queenstown – Laurence Teoh
      1. Laurence Teoh joined the teleconference from 1930 until 1936. Laurence updated the executiveon guest speakers. Sponsorship letters are to be sent out next week. Two new hotels are opening near the venue for additional accommodation options. The venue is booked. Laurence will be asked to provide feedback on the conference. The AGM needs to stay on Friday 1100. The executive will need to meet after Upfront information on travel grants and parental support grants should be provided. The convener should submit a schedule of registration fees and grants for the Queenstown ASM. Vicki will draft a pro-forma for conveners to complete outlining registration fees and other rebates.
    3. 2021 Meeting in Dunedin – Jo Mitchell
    4. 2022 Meeting – all
      1. No volunteers have been received. Nicola suggested that Lisa approach the clinical leads of Auckland and Waitemata DHBs to seek volunteers to contribute to the organising committee.
    5. 2024 Combined Meeting in Christchurch – Lisa Stamp
      1. Nothing to report.


  1. Other business
    1. PHARMAC – deferred until next teleconference.
    2. Secretarial Assistance – Doug will send round the list of duties and Lisa will have this reviewed by the lawyer.
    3. Selection of Trainees – deferred
    4. Statement on Stem Cell Research – deferred
    5. Email from EDS group – Jo Mitchell will draft a letter to the president of EDS New Zealand and will circulate to the executive. This will be sent to Kelly McQuillan.


  1. Applications for membership: Wei Zhang (Associate Membership) – approved unanimously once appointed into his rheumatology registrar position.


  1. Date of Next Meeting 18 February 2020.


The meeting concluded at 21.16

DHN White

Honorary Secretary

These minutes can be downloaded as a PDF here.