Each year, a limited number of research grants are available from the NZRA. Typically, no more than $50,000 in total is available, but this depends on the financial position of the Association and may change from year to year.

Any member (specialist, trainee, associate, life) of the NZRA who has New Zealand residency status is eligible to apply for these Grants.

Applications are due by the beginning of August each year and should be submitted to the Grants Committee by email to  The Grants Committee will make a recommendation to the NZRA Executive Committee, who are responsible for the final decision. Applications will be mainly assessed under three criteria: significance of the research question, scientific rigor of the proposed research plan and the track-record of the applicant. Usually, the decision will be available in time for the NZRA Annual General Meeting in early September.

Please see below for further information and forms