New Zealand Rheumatology Association

Who Are We?

The New Zealand Rheumatology Association (NZRA) is the organisation for New Zealand rheumatologists, and other healthcare professionals and scientists interested in arthritis. The NZRA is a non-profit organisation, registered with the Charities Commission and governed by the NZRA executive.

Our main functions are to provide professional development opportunities for our members, support research about arthritis and promote quality health care for New Zealanders with arthritis and related conditions. For those interested in collaborating on research, please read our guidance on the Resources Page. Some of our key activities are.


  1. Our Annual Scientific Meeting.
  2. The NZRA grants to support research.

Why The Willow?


The willow tree you see above is the symbol of the NZRA. The latin for the willow is salix, from which we get the word “salicylates”; a group of compounds that includes aspirin, the first non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent to be used to treat arthritis.

The Willow logo was designed by the late Dr Moore Tweed in the 1970s.

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Privacy policy

Your privacy is important so the NZRA have developed a privacy policy. You can read it by clicking this link: GAM-381551-6-12-1 Privacy Policy.